Our Story


In early 2000’s, we were each trying to feed and help stray and abandoned animals in the streets and wood areas of Zekeriyakoy and Uskumrukoy indivudually unaware of each other. As times passed by we started knowing each other and our group got bigger with the addition of new animal lovers until at end-2019 when we decided to form Patilibahçe Stray Animals Protection Association to reach our mutual aim.

We have been feeding more than 300 dogs each and every day without interruption with the food leftovers we collect from schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices and catering companies on a daily basis. We have also been trying to provide necessary treatments, neuter/spay and help them find forever homes.

Patilibahçe is the name of our most populous feeding point among all others with around 100 dogs which we use as the umbrella name for our association.